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Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel with this reusable SuperSliders Furniture movers kit. With these furniture sliders, you don’t have to worry about moving large items across hard surfaces and carpet. Simply put them MOVE FURNITURE EASILY - Moving furniture can be the

Self-stick SuperSliders easily and quickly move heavy furniture across carpeted surfaces in your home. These self-stick, triangle furniture movers are ideal for furniture with corners that you want to be able to move at any time for easy access for SuperSliders Triangle Sliders are ideal to easily

Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty. Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel with these reusable SuperSliders Furniture movers. Simply put them under your large and heavy items and they’ll help you quickly and easily move your items across carpeted surfaces. MOVE FURNITURE

Slide & Hide furniture sliders hide under furniture corners to be left in place for easy moving and cleaning. These sliders feature a straight edge that makes it easier to move objects into corners or adjacent to walls and objects and a rounded edge Slide & Hide SuperSliders are ideal to easily &